Green Roof Award

Green Roof AwardThe IGRA Green Roof Leadership Award

The IGRA Green Roof Leadership Award stands as recognition and appreciation for outstanding examples of Green Roof architecture and Green Roof initiatives all around the world. The price should be a signal for architects, landscape architects, city planners, municipal staff, landscape designers and real estate & property developers to explore new ideas for green urban spaces off the beaten track.

IGRA-Awards so far

The first IGRA Green Roof Leadership Award was presented in 2005 during the “International Green Week” in Berlin for the new Rolls Royce production plant which was completely covered by an extensive Green Roof and nestling in the park-like landscape of Goodwood (near Chichester, UK). In the last years further IGRA Awards have been granted in three different categories:

Trendsetting architecture projects:

Municipal Green Roof Strategies:

Green Roof Pioneers: