Benefits of Green Roofs

Even today the opportunities of Green Roofs are still underestimated. The "natural look" is only one obvious credit within the broad range of arguments for Green Roofs. Further benefits of Green Roofs include the protection of waterproofing, water retention, thermal insulation, improvement of the climatic environment as well as new natural habitats for flora and fauna.

No other architectural style provides such a wide range of positive effects for buildings, inhabitants, and the environment. Thus, Green Roofs meet one of the essential conditions of sustainable development, the reconciliation between economy and ecology.

It is very difficult to find positive arguments for bare or gravelled roofs. Lower building costs for "Non-Green Roofs" in comparison to a Green Roof, are weak arguments considering it is only a short term calculation. Long term costs of maintenance and repairs of 'naked roofs' are much higher than that of Green Roofs. It has to be considered that roofs belong to the most strained parts of a building; if no precautions are taken and product qualities lack, problems arise quickly.