Checklist for Green Roof planning

Construction Engineering

Vegetation Technology

Roof substructure
Substructure (reinforced concrete, wooden substructure, metal sheeting, etc.)

Refurbishment or new construction

Roof parapets, roof penetrations and adjacent building parts
Roof upstand and perimeter heights

Roof slope
Normal Green Roof system build-up, absorption of shear and erosion forces

Roof construction
Roof construction, thermal insulation, load bearing capacity

Assumed Load
Area loads through Green Roof system build-up and usage of the roof

Wind uplift
Local wind effects, security measures

Roof Drainage
Drainage devices, rainfall, roof outlets

Water connections, dam-up irrigation

Fire prevention
"Hard roofing", preventive protection

Accident prevention
Fall protection

Roof Access
Installation, service and maintenance

Additional functions
Thermal insulation, usage of the roof, rainwater and solar energy

Building regulations

Local conditions
Climate, microclimate, rainfall, roof height, roof slope, roof exposure

Desired Green Roof type
Extensive Green Roof, Semi-Intensive Green Roof, Intensive Green Roof

System build-up
Functional layers: root barrier, protection layer, drainage layer, filter layer, growing medium, plant level

Plant selection
Seeds, plants and vegetation of Extensive Green Roofs and Intensive Green Roofs

Different types of planting
Seeding, cuttings, root ball plants, pre-cultivated vegetation mats

Maintenance and support
Installation maintenance, development maintenance, upkeep maintenance

Water retention
Water retention capacity, water run-off coefficient

Costs, municipal subsidies