Green Roof Policies – a Guideline for Decision Makers and Green Roof Supporters

Green Roof Policies can play a very important role for sustainable urban planning and climate change adaption. In addition, Green Roof Policies will help to implement the environmental technology and are therefore one of the key factors for the successful development of a Green Roof market. Although a lot of practical experience in the application of Green Roof Policies already exists, the international information exchange in this field is still poorly developed. The International Green Roof Association (IGRA), the City of Portland (Environmental Services) and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) recognized this gap and created a platform to facilitate the application of Green Roofs Policies, the “International Green Roof City Network”.

The Knowledge Database provides municipalities and all those who are interested in this topic with an international review of current practices and future trends in the field of Green Roof Policies. The section “Green Roof Policy Toolkit” gives an overview of the various instruments that can be used to promote Green Roofs at the policy level. These include, for example, regulations, incentives and public relation activities. The overview sums up with a practical guideline to develop a local Green Roof strategy. The section “Municipal Case Studies” delivers a database of practical experiences from municipalities, worldwide (e.g. Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Vienna, Linz, Bozen, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo) which generates a source of ideas that can be adapted and modified according to the needs of the local Green Roof stakeholders. Knowledge of the basic technical principles and the ecological and economic benefits of Green Roofs is of particular importance for the design and application of the policy instruments. These aspects are addressed in the section "Green Roof Basics". The Internet platform will be constantly updated and expanded (Section “News”).

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