Municipal Case Studies

The great flexibility in the design and combination of the Green Roof Policy tools provides municipalities with the opportunity to develop a Green Roof strategy that fits exactly their local needs. The goal of municipal Green Roof strategies should be to develop the most possible positive effects of Green Roofs by making the most efficient use of financial and human resources available. The following examples of Green Roof policies in practice should provide guidance and inspiration. Each municipal case study in our database contains the following information:

We would like to encourage you to share case studies from other cities with us (E-Mail: This is a great opportunity to enlarge the network. 

27.07.2015: USA - Portland, Oregon

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Portland-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Netherlands - Amsterdam

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Amsterdam-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Italy - Bolzano

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Bolzano-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: USA - Chicago

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Chicago-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Denmark - Copenhagen

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Copenhagen-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Germany - Duesseldorf

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Duesseldorf-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Germany - Hannover

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Hanover-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Germany - Karlsruhe

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Karlsruhe-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Austria - Linz

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Linz-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Sweden - Malmo

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Malmo-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: USA - New York

Download IGRN-Case-Study-New-York-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Netherlands - Rotterdam

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Rotterdam-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: USA - Seattle

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Seattle-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: South Korea - Seoul

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Seoul-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Singapore

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Singapore-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Germany - Stuttgart

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Stuttgart-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Japan - Tokyo

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Tokyo-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Canada - Vancouver

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Vancouver-IGRA.pdf

27.07.2015: Austria - Vienna

Download IGRN-Case-Study-Vienna-IGRA.pdf