Regulations and Guidelines for Green Roofs

Only a few countries have regulations and guidelines which apply to Green Roofs. The oldest regulations, which were published in the 1990's, are the German Standard "Guidelines for the planning, execution and upkeep of Green Roof sites", and are from The Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Society e.V. (FLL) in Bonn (Germany). The Green Roof guidelines contain the types of Green Roofs, the various vegetation types, requirements for the building technique, Green Roof procedures as well as upkeep and maintenance for Green Roofs. The Green Roof guidelines are available in English but the content applies to the middle European climate region and the common German Green Roof system build-up.

Whether Green Roof guidelines exist or not, the complementary country regulations and guidelines must also be considered. These guidelines can include: building technique (e.g. load bearing capacity, wind uplift protection, fire protection, temperature, noise protection, etc); and the roof technique (waterproofing material and installation, upstands, slope, drainage, etc.). Consideration must also be given to any existing regulations and guidelines for garden and landscape architecture (e.g. soil and plants, lawn, seed mixture, upkeep and maintenance works, etc.). High buildings, according to the particular country, require various regulations regarding the security and fall protection on roofs.