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-> Green Roof News 2-2016

Main Theme: Stormwater Management with Green Roofs

Stormwater management of Green Roofs over the course of time / Potsdamer Platz, Berlin: Harvesting and Utilization of Rainwater / The Art to Integrate Blue-Green and Social Factors: Interview with Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl, Director of Rambøll Liveable Cities Lab / HafenCity University Hamburg: Evaluation of Green Roof Hydrologic Performance for Rainwater Run-off  Management in Hamburg / Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Ratingen, Germany: New Roof Build-up Reduces the Risk of Flooding

Green Roofs Worldwide: “La Casa por el Tejado“ in Barcelona: An Exemplary Roof Garden in the Middle of Barcelona / Elderly Residence in Egeparken, Denmark: A Sensory and Therapy Garden on a Carpark Roof / 32nd Floor of the Royal Tower Residential Building in Kiev: A Private Park between the Clouds / New Residential Area Laan van Spartaan, Amsterdam: Beaver, Butterfly and Bird Roof Gardens

Spotlight: The Natural Capital Finance Facility (NCFF): A Way to Finance Your Green Roof

Research and Development: New Project: The IGA Berlin 2017 Biodiversity Green Roof

Events: Bau 2017: Munich, Germany –16th–21st January 2017 / Save the Date 20th–22nd June 2017: World Green Infrastructure Congress WGIC 2017 in Berlin / Montreal, Canada – 16th–25th October 2017: The World Design Summit / 13th April – 15th October 2017 International Garden Exhibition Berlin: Garden Art in the Gardens of the World

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->> Green Roof News 1-2016

Main Theme: Benefits of Green Roofs on Human Productivity and Healing
Green Roofs Could Improve Productivity: Just a Moment of Green Can Provide a Boost for Tired Workers  / A Roof Designed for Work and Play: Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park /  Office Complex “Green Place” in Milan, Italy: Haven of Tranquility for Employees/ Innovative Solution to Managing Costs and Serving Patients: Hospitals Adding Rooftop Gardens to Improve Patient Care / The Rancagua Regional Hospital in Chile: More than just a Healing Environment / Senior Residence Südpark in Basel: Green Oasis on an Underground Carpark

Green Roofs Worlwide: Barbican Beech Gardens in London: Intensive Roof Garden with Reduced Maintenance / Katowice International Conference Centre: A Green Passage across a Roof in Poland / Water Buffer Location and Green Lounge: Kellebeek College – an Innovative Education Center / Copenhagen City Project: The BLOX – New Dynamo for City Life / Urban Architecture and Quality of Life in Trofa, Portugal: Municipal Building Fits Perfectly into the Surroundings / Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center: The “Green” Buildings of the Municipal Sports and Leisure Park of Kallithea

Spotlight: New Dimensions in Green Roof Research: Remote Sensing – Green Roof Inventory and Potential Analysis

Events:  Nagoya, Japan: World Green Infrastructure Congress – Vegetation Makes It Possible / Vienna, Austria: 1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference / Bonn, Germany: European Conference on “Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change in Urban Areas and their Rural Surroundings – Linkages between Science, Policy and Practice” / 53rd IFLA World Congress in Turin, Italy: Tasting the Landscape / IX International Conference Moscow: Waterproofing and Roofing Materials “AquaStop” / Bogotá, World Green Infrastructure Congress: Ecoservices and Well-being: The Next Green City / International Garden Exhibition Berlin: An OCEAN of Colours

Research and Development: Introducing Productive Green Roofs to Imbaba, Cairo, Egypt: Retrofitting Green Roofs to the Urban Morphology of Informal Settlements

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->> Green Roof Policies - an international review

This article provides an overview of current green roof policies instruments and presents case studies from Europe, North America and Asia.

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->> IGRA Flyer

Global Networking for Green Roofs - Description of IGRA´s targets and services 

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->>> A Quick Guide to Green Roofs

Free Download (1,8 MB): This small pocket-size brochure (20 pages) presents the advantages of green roofs in a catchy way. The brochure is of course not a substitute for technical guidelines, but it will provide an easy introduction to the green roof theme. The content includes 'added bonus for the building owner and the environment, types of green roofs, green roof technology and green roof policies'.

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_Pocket_Guide_2014.pdf

2005 Green Roof News Winter

Contents: World Green Roof Congress 2005 - Green Roofs from Canada to “Down-Under“ / The International Green Roof Association-Bringing nature back to town / Energy savings with Green Roofs / Traditional and modern Green Roofs in Denmark / Benefits, engineering and architecture of Green Roofs: The new IGRA website

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_05.pdf

2006 Green Roof News Winter

Contents: The Ronald McDonald Hundertwasser House: Green Roofs Meet Fast Food / Pitched Green Roofs: A Demanding Technical Challenge / The Gallie Craig Coffee Shop: Green Roof Overlooks the Cliffs of Scotland / Ecological Renovation of the 19th Century Warehouses "Australiegebouw" in Amsterdam / Green Roofs Worldwide: New Green Roof Database at / Conferences: Green Roofs for Australia /New Books: Green Roofs and Facades /Green Roofs in Brazil

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_2_06.pdf

2006 Green Roofs News Spring

Contents: The German FLL-Guideline for the Planning, Execution and Upkeep of Green Roof Sites – a review / Phytoremediation: Special advantages of using plants to reduce air pollution / Financial District ”Banco de Santander” in Madrid, Spain – The largest Green Roof worldwide / National Green Roof Conference in Sheffield: What can Green Roofs Do for You / New Books: Roof Gardens/Jardins Suspendus/Daktuinen

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_06.pdf

2007 Green Roof News Spring

Contents: A Technical Challenge: The First Drive-Through Roof Garden in Singapore / Green Roof Types: Classification and Characteristics / Focus Spain: Green Roofs in Madrid - Picture Gallery of Green Roof Projects in Spain - A real treat: The Nature Conservation Centre in Cangas del Narcea / Towards a Green Living Environment: Eco Buildings Conference 2007 in Singapore / Pioneering Research Green Roof at the University of Hong Kong

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_07.pdf

2008 Green Roof News Spring

Contents: Showcase for a new generation of shopping centres: The ‘Meydan’ Project in Istanbul / FiftyTwoDegrees Nijmegen: Sustainable stormwater management with Green Roofs / Set a good example: Waitakere City Council Green Roof in New Zealand / Is brown the new green: Practical considerations when specifying rubble, brown or biodiverse living roofs / About to go: Green Roof policies in the UK / Upcoming events: London, Zaragoza, Madrid, Apeldoorn, Stuttgart-Nürtingen / A free international community resource – The Greenroof Projects database

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_08.pdf

2008 Green Roof News Summer

Contents: The Green Roof landscape at the EXPO Zaragoza 2008 / Natural stormwater management with Green Roofs / The 2008 World Green Roof Congress in London / Green Roofs and photovoltaics / The International Green Roof Congress 2009 in Germany / Green Roof Leadership Award / Softening the urban hardscape in Singapore heartland / The new IGRA Brochure 'A Quick Guide to Green Roofs'

Download IGRA__Green__Roof__News__2__2008.pdf

2009 Green Roof News Spring

Contents: International Green Roof Congress 2009 / New Providence Wharf (London) - Roof Gardens by the Thames / Mountain Dwellings (Copenhagen) - Best housing project / Prefuctural International Hall (Fukuoka) - Masterpiece of green roof design / Fusionopolis (Singapore) - Science, Technology & Media Powerhouse with sky gardens / Platinium Business Park (Warsaw) - A place of beauty and recreation for city dwellers / The Congress Workshops - practice oriented and tailor made / Excursions - An eye on the green roof.

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_09.pdf

2009 Green Roof News Summer

Contents: Review International Green Roof Congress 2009 - Keynotes, Excursions, Speakers / Photo Gallery of the Congress / Green Roofs - Bringing Nature Back to Town  -The Congress Proceedings / Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010 in Singapore


Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_2_09.pdf

2010 Green Roof News Spring

Contents: Fusionopolis (Phase 2A), Singapore: A Green Roofer`s Perspective / Green Roofs of Plenty in Stuttgart, Germany / A Native Green Roof in the Centre of Athens / Green Roofs in the UK: Environmentally Sound Solutions / Green Roofs in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean / Successful National Green Roof Strategies: Case Study Denmark / Upcoming Events: India, Great Britain, Singapore / Recommended Literature/Preview

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_2010.pdf

2010 Green Roofs News Autum

Contents: Save the Date: Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010 in Singapore / Effectiveness of Green Roof Policies in Germany and Austria / Pioneering Green Roof Policies in the US: Portland`s Ecoroof Strategy / Ambitious: City of Copenhagen Adopts Mandatory Green Roof Requirements / United Kingdom: Green Roof Chosen for Award-Winning Healthcare Project / Greece: Urban Life on Roofs in Athens Germany: Green Roofs provide a Win-Win Situation  in Berlin / United States: The longest Green Roof in the World / Events: Review and Outlook

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_2_2010.pdf

2011 Green Roof News

Contents: Hym to Nature - The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Hall in Bialystok, Poland / Integrative Strategy -The Vancouver Convention Centre Living Roof / Implementing Green Roof Policies - Chances and Challenges / The Seoul Subsidy Program - Putting the Greens on the Top / Local Nature Reserve - The Green Roof of the Sharrow Primary School in Sheffield, UK / European Standards - Fire Protection Tests for Green Roofs / Green Roofs and Photovoltaics - a Case Study from Germany / Singapore - Heavenly Gardens on Skyrise Architecture / Events: Review and Outlook

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_11.pdf

2012-1 Green Roof News

Contents: Green Roofs on Medical Facilities - International Case Studies / Carrefour Supermarket in Athens - a Mediterranean Green Roof / National Archives Copenhagen - Green Roof receives Beautification Award Green / Roof Policies in Stuttgart/Germany - The Success Story Continues  / Green City Europe - Workshop Proceeding Online /  Gardens in the Sky - Master Thesis Jennifer Stamatelos / IGRA Award Winner 2011 -  The Dutch Organisation "Leven op Daken" /  The Green Roofs of the Ibiza Airport (Spain) - A Challenge for the Landscape Contractor  / Events: India, Denmark, Germany

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_2012.pdf

2012-2-Green Roof News

Contents: "Bringing Nature Back to Town": The 3rd International Green Roof Congress 2013 / VanDusen Visitor Center, Botanical Gardens Vancouver – A blooming roof idea / Zuidpark Amsterdam – Europe´s largest rooftop farm / Kidbrooke Village UK – High quality new homes and leisure spaces / Chennai and Hyderabad – Green Roofs for a greener India / Events: USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_2_2012.pdf

2013-1 Green Roof News

Contents: The Future of Urban Roofs - The 3rd International Green Roof Congress / Green Roof in Gibraltar - Where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean / The Green Roof Systems Project - A 4 Year Industry- Academia Partnership / Book Recommendation: Ecosystem Services Come to Town / Green Roofs and Living Walls - New survey seeks out the barriers to ecological cities / Intelligent Cities - Routes to a Sustainable, Efficient and Livable City / TURaS - Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability / Joining Forces to Promote Urban Green - Strategic - Cooperation between IGRA and IFLA / Events: USA, India and Singapore

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_1_2013.pdf

2013-2 Green Roof News

Contents: Planning and Technology: Irrigating Roof Gardens / Extensive Green Roofs in an Arid Land / The Future of Urban Roofs: International Green Roof Congress 2013 / Lots of Opportunities: Two Rooftop Gardens in Copenhagen / A LEED Gold Certified Building with a Mediterranean Green Roof in Greece / A Case Study from Zagreb – Croatia: Turning the Roof into a Living Space / ETA "Kits for Green Roofs": A New Standard for Green Roofs in Europe / What's Next: The Use of Bioplastics in Green Roof Technology / The Benefits and Challenges of Green Roofs on Public and Commercial Buildings / Events: France, Portugal, Singapore

Download IGRA_Green_Roof_News_2_2013.pdf

2014-1 Green Roof News

Main Theme: Life on Roofs - Recreation, Sports and Fun: Swimming High above Singapore / Family Recreation from Everyday Life in Istanbul / An Interview with Maria Auböck and János Kárász: Community Roof Gardens / After the Meeting Up on the Roof: High Flying Balls / Amager Ressource Center Copenhagen: Sports, Fun and Education on a Waste-To-Energy Power Plant / Reflections on the Main Theme: Bjarke Ingels – Turn It Into Something Playful

Green Roofs Worldwide: Diadema Deluxe Club House Unique Living Concept in St. Petersburg / Educational Activities on Green Roofs in Israel: Green Roofs as School Subject / Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano: Mediterranean Garden on a Hellenic Roof

Spotlight: Riga Supermarket Collapse: Who's To Blame?

Research and Development: A Review: Green Roof Research in 2013 / Cost Avaluation of Adaptation Measures for Cities and Municipalities: Green Roofs to Fight Heat / Adapting to Climate Change – a Question of Colour? / Source or Sink – Runoff Quality from Green Roofs

Events: Highlights from the Second International Skyrise Greenery Conference in Singapore / International Green Roof Conference in Maia – An Impulse for Green Roofs in Portugal / ICBEST 2014 – Building for a Changing World / Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom: International Green Wall Conference

Literature: Green Islands in the City: 25 Ideas for Urban Gardens / “Vertical Garden City, Singapore”: A New Book on Highrise Greening in Singapore

Download IGRA_Green__Roof__News_1_2014.pdf

2014-2 Green Roof News

Main Theme: 4th International Green Roof Congress 2015 Istanbul Turkey (20-21 April) / The Keynote Speaker / Pioneering High-Rise Buildings in Milan Italy - Bosco Verticale / Zorlu-Center Istanbul- A Landmark Project for Green Roofs

Green Roofs Worlwide: Like a Leaf - Playhouse with Green Roof in Rotterdam Netherlands / Butterflies on a Roof Garden of Villa Olimpiya Ukraine

Spotlight: Pre-Announcement IGRA Guideline Bridging Trades - Safe Section Changeover Roofing Technology-Vegetation technology

Economic News: Liveable Cities Lab - The Art to Integrate Today What We Need for Tomorrow

Research and Development: Case Study Heidelberg - Germany: Green Roofs, Photovoltaics and Biodiversity / Carbon Sequestration of Green Roofs

Events: Review: World Green Infrastructure Conference Sydney Australia / Green Buildings and Parks Conference Malaysia / 52nd World Congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) St. Petersburg-Moscow, Russia

Download IGRA-Green-Roof-News-2-2014.pdf

2014-3 Green Roof News

Main Theme: New IGRA Guidelines: Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover / Basic Green Roof Planning: Roof Construction / Look Beyond the Backyard: Interview with Roland Appl, President of IGRA

Events: 4th International Green Roof Congress 2015 in Istanbul - Join the Green Roof Network /  Spectacular Green Roof Project: “Bosco Verticale“ Wins the International Highrise Award 2014

Green Roofs Worldwide: UWC Dilijan College in Armenia: Educational Facility in Accordance with Mother Nature / Mixed Use Space: The Green Roof on Mainau / Moshe Safdie: “For Everyone a Garden“

Spotlight: From Commitment to Action: Hamburg Starts a 3 Million Euro Programme to Promote Green Roofs

Download IGRA-Green-Roof-News-3-2014.pdf

2015-1 Green Roof News

Main Theme: 4th International Green Roof Congress 2015 Istanbul Turkey (20-21 April) - Explore the Nature on Rooftops: Schedule, Speakers, Excursion / Interview with keynote speaker Dr. Ken Yeang  regarding his working philosophy, visions and style.

Green Roofs in Dry and Mediterranean Climates: Karela Office Park (Greece) / Bosco Verticale (Italy) / Troja Museum and Zorlu Center (Turkey) /  UWC Dilijan College (Armenia) / Central Bank of Beirut (Libanon)

Spotlight: New IGRA Guideline Bridiging Trades / IGRA goes Facebook

Events:  51st ISOCARP World Congress “Cities SaveThe World – Let's Reinvent Planning” / 52nd World Congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (Moscow, St. Petersburg - Russia) / 3rd Skyrise Greenery Conference Singapore

Download IGRA-Green_Roof-News_1_2015.pdf

2015-2 Green Roof News

Main Theme: Urban Green Roof Policies -  Paris Strategy for Greening Roofs and Walls / The Rotterdam Roofscape / Municipal Green Space Management in St. Petersburg / The International Green Roof City Network: Interview with Amy Chomowicz (Portland)  and Wolfgang Ansel (IGRA) / Green Roof Policies - A Guideline for Decision makers and Green Roof supporters

Green Roofs Worlwide: High Line New York - USA / Slotsholmen Copenhagen - Denmark / Kö-Bogen Duesseldorf - Germany / Les Trefles Primary School  Anderlecht - Belgium / Green Roofing in Johannesburg - South Africa / Casa das Algas Lavra Matosinhos - Portugal

Spotlight: 4th International Green Roof Congress Istanbul / Turkey - Congress of Superlatives

Events:  World Green Infrastructure Congress Nagoya - Japan / 52nd World Congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) St. Petersburg, Russia - Proceedings Available / Call for Abstracts 53 IFLA Congress Turin - Italy / Review: 3rd Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 

Research and Development: Outlook - New Dimensions in Green Roof Research  Remote Sensing - Green Roof Inventory and Potential Analysis

Download IGRA_Green-Roof-News_2-2015-low.pdf